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All signs point to a 67-cent loonie

“Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley both predict oil prices at $20 (U.S.) a barrel. Merrill Lynch economists predict the Bank of Canada will cut the benchmark interest rate by 25 basis points on Jan. 20. If this comes to pass, Canadians should prepare for a 67-cent loonie.

As the term “petroloonie” suggests, most investors are aware that the value of the Canadian dollar follows the price of oil. It’s less well known that interest rates – specifically, the difference between Canadian and U.S. two-year government bond yields play an even larger role in foreignexchange markets than oil. ”
– Globe Advisor

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As Poloz ponders, don’t rule out rate cut

The Bank of Canada’s decidedly bleak Business Outlook Survey presents a near-textbook argument from the corporate sector for another interest-rate cut.

The question is whether the central bank feels inclined to listen to it just now.
– “Glove Advisor”

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Four ways the Fed’s rate hike will affect our lives up north

“It was big news in the United States, but how much will the Fed’s rate hike affect our lives up north? Here are four things to watch for.” –

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Know both halves of the glass: Sometimes, being an optimist means knowing what to worry about

“You could argue 2015 ended with so much negativity — Canadian stock markets down, oil prices continuing their long, slow decline, mixed economic news, and so on — that it’s a disservice to everyone to enter 2016 with more worrisome stuff.”
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Five Financial resolutions for 2016, and how to (really) make them happen

“In the wake of a holiday season involving lots of eating and spending, it makes sense that our top New Year’s resolutions tend to focus on fitness and finances. Resolutions are a good first step, but without a specific plan, they can be hard to maintain for 12 months. With that in mind, here are five financial resolutions for 2016, and some tips to help you achieve them.” – Financial Post

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