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Economic upturn helps Poloz keep politics out of rate decision

“At this morning’s regularly scheduled interest-rate decision – the only one landing during the lengthy campaign – the Bank of Canada held its key interest rate steady at 0.50 per cent. That came on the heels of a quarter-percentage-point rate cut at the bank’s previous setting in mid-July – a cut that had prompted considerable speculation that another subsequent cut was in the cards.”

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Economic upturn helps Poloz keep politics out of rate decision

Loonie hits decade low as rate-cut speculation grows

‘The Canadian dollar plunged to a new decade low and the country’s bond yields dropped to their lowest ever as slowing global growth sparked a worldwide market rout and doubled odds the Bank of Canada would cut rates a third time this year.’

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Bank of Canada slashes key rate; cites weak economy, stalled exports

The Bank of Canada is cutting its key interest rate for the second time this year, citing a larger-than-expected first half contraction and a “puzzling” stall in non-energy exports. The central bank lowered its benchmark overnight rate by a quarter percentage-point Wednesday to 0.5 per cent, blaming faltering global growth, disinflation and low prices for oil and other commodities.

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How do I make my retirement savings last?

Q: I have $700,000 in retirement savings and a small pension of $1,000 a month and CPP and OAS. How should I invest this to last 30 years?

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Two mortgage terms that present solid value (and two that don’t)

Mortgage rates have been all pleasure and no pain for an oddly long time.

Take five-year fixed rates. They’ve drifted lower for more than a year and a half with no significant upturns along the way.

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