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Do you know the truth behind the GIC market in Canada?

Back in the latter part of 2012 and into 2013, the Federal Government began investigations into pricing, yields and distribution challenges with GICs. As you would expect, there were many submissions from the major banks plus trust companies, credit unions and caisse populaires – there were a few independent submissions including one from IFDS – International Financial Data Services Canada – although most readers will never have heard of these folks. They are a behind the scenes operator who service over 50 financial clients – including Canada’s largest banks, insurance companies and global mutual fund companies. Their systems also run global investment back offices in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. IFDS is a joint venture between global financial technology leaders DST Systems and State Street Bank.


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BoC ‘firmly on hold’ as inflation rate holds steady, retail sales rise

Canada’s annual inflation rate held at a relatively tame 1.5 per cent in June, Statistics Canada said on Friday, which analysts said would reinforce the likelihood the Bank of Canada keeps interest rates on hold.

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Risk of speculation in Toronto condos mitigated by presales: CMHC

Most Toronto condominium projects do not begin construction until 70 per cent of units are sold, curbing the risk of speculation, Canada’s housing agency said on Tuesday in a report that suggested overbuilding fears may be overdone.

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Life insurance isn’t taboo. It’s a creative tool

Trust is not easily earned these days. There’s no place where this is more true than in the financial services industry. Take banks, for example. I walked into my bank this week. “Why do you chain your pens to the counter?” I asked the teller. “I trust you with my money. Shouldn’t you trust me with your pens?” I reasoned.

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Canadian factory sales fell 1%, hit by wildfires, Japan earthquake

Canadian manufacturing sales fell 1.0 per cent in May from April, the third decline in five months, in part due to disruptions caused by Alberta wildfires and an earthquake in Japan, Statistics Canada said on Friday.

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