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What is a deposit broker?

Deposit brokers specialize in guaranteed investment products such as GIC’s, RRSPs, RRIFs, and LIRA. We provide individuals and corporations with the best independent advice on information effecting your investment needs.

We also offer guaranteed investment funds (segregated funds) and annuities. As independent providers of financial products and services from numerous Canadian financial institutions, we also provide access to various life insurance and critical care products. 

How can deposit brokers offer the highest interest rates?

Deposit brokers receive daily information on current interest rates and current product availability from financial institutions across the country. To avoid paying high salaries and overheads, large financial institutions find it cost effective to use brokers to bring them new business. These savings get passed on to the client by way of higher rates. 

How is my money deposited?

For your protection, we insist that cheques be made payable to the financial institution the client is investing with. This ensures that each and every client knows exactly where their funds are going. In addition, all institutions we represent have deposit insurance for their guaranteed investments. To learn more about how guaranteed investments are insured, please refer to our Deposit Insurance section. 

 What are your fees?

Zero. We receive our compensation directly from the financial institution you choose to invest with. Financial institutions offer deposit brokers higher rates because of their expertise and ability to transact a large volume of deposits. These savings can get passed on to the investor by way of higher rates completely free of fees or commission. 

Do you only offer GICs?

No. We started off selling only GICs but as we’ve grown, we noticed that our clients wanted more investment options, so we now carry an entire suite of investment and insurance products. We offer RSPs/RIFs, segregated funds, insurance, annuities and mortgages. We are constantly adding new products, so sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date. 

What amount of money must I invest through a deposit broker?

Some of the institutions do require a minimum deposit to guarantee the best rate. Please contact us for details. 

Do I still receive an investment certificate?

Yes. We provide all of your information to the referred institution which will issue you a certificate in 10 to 20 business days. At maturity, we will contact you approximately one month in advance to discuss your re-investment options.