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Due to our increased life expectancy, you can expect to spend as much time in retirement as you did working. When turning savings into retirement income, you must consider all financial products available. Our professional advice can help you determine what the best mix of investments is for you.


Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs) are fixed income investment products that provide a guaranteed interest rate for a specified period of time. The key to this investment vehicle is in its guarantee and security.

Deposit Insurance:

Investors should understand who is insuring their investments, and the strengths and limits of the coverage. GICs offered by banks and trust companies are insured by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC), a federal, crown corporation, up to $100,000 per unique holder. To learn more about CDIC coverage, please visit

All credit unions in Ontario are insured by the Deposit Insurance Organization of Ontario (DICO); which is a provincially owned organization and insures all term deposits up to $100,000.00. To learn more about DICO coverage, please visit

Term deposits with Insurance companies in Canada are also covered up to $100,000.00. Assuris is the organization that provides the coverage for these investments. Although Assuris is not a government owned organization, it is well respected and endorsed by the government. To learn more about Assuris coverage, please visit



An annuity is an investment that pays a guaranteed income for a specified period of time (i.e. 5 years, 10 years, or life). The amount of the payment is usually based on the investors’ age, gender, and current interest rate environment. Annuity income can also be increased if the investor has serious health concerns.

For many, annuities can form part of an effective financial plan because:

  • They provide guaranteed income for life!
  • Enhance an investor’s income for a specific period of time
  • Provide peace of mind knowing that income payments will not be affected by swings in the market.

Whether you are interested in a Life Annuity, Term Certain Annuity, or Variable Annuity, we can help you choose the type which would enhance your overall investment plan.

Segregated Funds

If you like investing in the marketplace but would also still like the expertise of professional money managers, you may want to consider a Segregated Fund. Like mutual funds, segregated funds offer the investor the option to invest in different asset classes and fund types.

The major difference between the two investments is that a segregated fund is actually an insurance contract. The contract allows the investor to participate in the market, while still receiving the added benefit of having insurance to cover the risk. There are guarantees and features built in that allow investors to invest with a higher degree of safety.

Guaranteed Minimum Withdrawal Benefit Plans (GMWB)

GMWB plans have become very popular in recent years.  The reason for their popularity is obvious.  In the accumulation years, GMWBs offer annual bonuses, market participation and the ability to lock in growth every few years.  Further, once a client elects to take income, these plans offer a reliable, steady and guaranteed income for life.  Another benefit is that GMWB plans are guaranteed by Assuris (  These plans are ideal for registered investments and for clients looking for a reliable income in retirement.

Guaranteed Principal, Guaranteed Growth and Guaranteed income for Life!

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